Sam Greenwaldt

 I help interior designers connect with their soulmate clients.


Tired of wasting your time and energy on the micro-managing, tire-kicking, discount-seeking, dare I say “nightmare” clients that keep seeming to find their way onto your project lineup?

I feel you. And I’ve been there.

And let me tell you - there is a way out of this! It starts with understanding your own brand, and who you really want to be working with.

Have you ever heard that saying “You can’t read the label when you’re inside of the bottle.” Such truth.

Especially when it comes to knowing your own brand.

That’s why I work side by side with my clients to uncover all of those one of a kind elements that will bring your brand to life. No more piecing things together and making guesses about what your ideal clients really want.

We’ll use our findings to build out a powerful brand that is true to your company, and one that will emotionally connect with the type of client that you love working with. You know what that means - - no more nightmares, and more energy for the projects you love.

A little bit more about me