Sam Greenwaldt

Hey there! I’m Sam Greenwaldt. And I help interior design firms win hearts.

I’m a small-town, movie-quoting, problem solver who comes to the table with big ideas. I am the founder and brand strategy consultant at Greenwaldt Design Co.

I opened up shop in early 2018 and was designing brand identities including logo designs, business cards, brochures… you get the idea. But once I started to dig into the actual concept behind the designs, along with getting a front-row seat to a large marketing agency coming in and doing a massive rebrand for the company I worked at, I just knew I was hooked on figuring out the actual strategy behind a brand. Fascinating… *sighs deeply and looks off into the distance* hah! But seriously.

Long story short, once I discovered where my true passion was at my business began to shift toward the strategic side of things. As you could probably guess, I love to ask the question “Why?” And I love helping my clients figure out their ‘Why’, and how we can use it (among other things) to resonate with their favorite kind of people.

In early 2019, I chose to focus my efforts on helping folks like you in the interior design community as this has always been an industry that has interested me, and I am very intrigued with the work that you do. Beautiful spaces make my heart race :) So, major props to you, my friend.

On a more personal front, I reside in Garrison, North Dakota with my husband (population 1500.. nope, not kidding), our two wild little children, and a 100 lb yellow lab. I thoroughly enjoy golfing, having a couple Michelob Ultras on a hot day, being outdoors, watching Marvel movies, and spending time with the family.


So, why should you work with me?

My clients aren’t looking for someone that is going to hand them a questionnaire and a pile of homework and say ‘Here you go, we’ll chat in a couple weeks.’

They need a trusted, long-term partnership that will continue for years down the road. Someone who takes a genuine interest in their business and is committed to the cause.

I’m an “all-in” kind of person in life and in business, and you can bet I won’t leave you hanging out on a limb.



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